We are a gardening enthusiast collective, passionate about sprucing up our backyards. From flowers to vegetables, we are driven to share our collective knowledge and provide you with the best information available.

Our mission is to provide inspiration and guidance for all aspiring gardeners in the temperate climates of the northern hemisphere. Living in the New England area (US), we love learning about new plants and discovering creative ways to make our outdoor spaces more beautiful.

We are driven by a shared goal to bring healthy, organic food to our communities and promote sustainable gardening practices. We believe in protecting our environment through responsible gardening and providing organic gardening solutions that benefit both nature and the people lucky enough to enjoy it. Our commitment is rooted in our love for plants, wildlife, the outdoors, and the joy of seeing something beautiful grow from nothing.

Additionally, this blog will be sharing gardening security solutions that are practiced and derived by us. We have designed and perfected a simple, yet effective, closed gardening box that allows your plants to fully reap the benefits of outdoor gardening while also protecting against unwanted critters stealing your harvest! Check out our DIY Garden Cage!

We believe that with a little effort and care, everyone can have an amazing outdoor space that they can be proud of.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions, we love hearing feedback and will consider any requests made for future topics to cover.