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What We Are

Backyard Spruce is a gardening enthusiast collective dedicated to sharing knowledge and inspiration for backyard gardening, primarily in temperate climates.

Yes, we provide valuable gardening tips ranging from seasonal gardening advice to organic gardening practices.

Our mission is to guide aspiring gardeners in making their backyard spaces more beautiful and sustainable through the means of gardening.

Simply being here and reading our blog is all we want! If you’d like to do more than that, we do have a presence on all the major social media platforms that you can follow. Beyond that, feel free to contact us with suggestions for topics to write about!

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Feel free to ask us directly and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Who We Are

Backyard Spruce is a gardening blog providing information through guides and tips. We do not have a physical location.

Backyard Spruce does not sell any product under our brand name. We may have affiliate posts providing product reviews of gardening products.

Backyard Spruce is a gardening blog. We do not provide any professional services to gardeners.

We are more than a simple gardening blog. We are focused specifically on cooler climate zones where the growing seasons are shorter and gardeners need to be more diligent with their care and maintenance.

Backyard Spruce is based out of the Northeastern United States, specifically New England. Most of the information in our posts will be geared toward this climate region.

Backyard Spruce is based out of the New England region. Most of our posts will be providing information for gardeners located in Zones 5 and 6.

Why We Are

Backyard Spruce exists to help temperate gardeners trying to learn gardening in cooler regions of the United States. We found that many times the gardening tips found online are more geared towards southern climate zones where temperatures remain warm year-round.

Yes! Gardeners must change their gardening practices as the seasons change. Here at Backyard Spruce, we take great care in providing exactly what new gardeners should be doing for each season.

Yes! Being from the Northeast, we see A LOT of snow. We provide guides and tips on preparing your garden for Winter along with getting it jump-started for when Spring starts to thaw everything.